Let’s face it. Parents connecting with their teens and tweens can be difficult at times. Parents are busy and often overwhelmed. This resource is 25 quick and easy ways parents can connect with their kids in a meaningful way.



Giving your child a cell phone is a big moment in the life of a family.  This is a very helpful ebook that can help you as you decide when to give your child that first cell phone.

It’s filled with great tips from Parents of teenagers like:

  • Have your teenager plug in their cell phone at the Parent’s bedside table to insure they aren’t using it all night.
  • Have your teenager take a picture of their destination and send it, instead of just texting so you can be sure they are where they’re supposed to be.
  • Suggestions on how to write a “Cell Phone Contract” that will help communication and expectations for the cell phone.



Plug Into The Power of Prayer…as the school year approaches use this resource on the Lord’s Prayer to help your family get ready for the chaos. This guide will follow the simple instructions that Christ used to teach his followers how to pray

powerful, personal, and passionate prayers.